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Professional Land Title Company

Professional Land Title Company is our wholly owned full-service Title Insurance Company.  Title insurance has been an active part of our business since 1994, and it thrives to this day because of our dedication to professional and efficient service.  Professional Land Title in located in our home office here at 147 S. Second St., Decatur, Indiana.

All the full time Attorneys at DeVoss, Baker, Ainsworth & Razo are licensed Title Insurance providers by the State of Indiana, and we also have 2 additional licensed staff, Stephanie Geimer and Tina Wass, who are the absolute best in the business.  We pride ourselves on Professional Land Title being the Title insurance provider real estate professionals turn to with their most complex issues.  We know how to solve problems.

In addition to Title Insurance, we provide Judgment and Lien searches, Deed Preparation, Insured Closings and Escrow Services.  We strive to be the firm you can count on for every aspect of real estate related service.  Are you looking to buy a distressed property, perhaps thru Tax or Sheriff’s Sales?  We can provide you a prompt and accurate report on the real estate to let you know what types of liens and encumbrances you may have to address if you are a successful buyer.

Reach out and let us know how Professional Land Title and DeVoss, Baker, Ainsworth & Razo can help with your real estate and title needs.  Commercial, residential, developmental, it doesn’t matter to us, we are the seasoned professionals who can take you smoothly and efficiently from Contract to final deed, and beyond.  Give us a call at 866-715-7636 or drop us an e-mail at .